BepInEx bleeding edge builds

These are the latest builds of BepInEx built directly from BepInEx/BepInEx@master.


Note that these are built directly from the latest source code!
This means that along with new features you get new bugs.
You can always get latest stable release on GitHub!

Please report any problems by creating an issue on the issue tracker.

When reporting an issue, always include the whole version number of BepInEx

About builds

The version of all BepInEx builds is in the form
Build number 0 is always the stable release version (only available via GitHub release page)!

Every build contains two .zip files: one for x86 and another for x64 version of BepInEx.


You can find a changelog since the last stable version inside the archive (in changelog.txt).

Latest artifacts

Build # Build date SHA1 Artifacts
76 2019-01-16T16:36:57+00:00 3462fc9
72 2019-01-16T12:26:35+00:00 174c74f
71 2018-12-26T09:31:01+00:00 c2ebeb3
70 2018-12-26T09:30:22+00:00 789c115
69 2018-12-26T09:29:57+00:00 f8afa00
68 2018-11-26T12:55:15+00:00 dafe85d
67 2018-11-25T21:46:32+00:00 0ae6123
66 2018-09-02T18:27:40+00:00 04952e0
65 2018-08-08T11:14:19+00:00 04952e0
64 2018-08-02T13:48:46+00:00 b5dfa07
63 2018-07-28T10:06:52+00:00 a6fd33c
62 2018-07-28T07:31:59+00:00 a10130a
61 2018-07-28T07:20:16+00:00 0d2597c
60 2018-07-28T06:49:46+00:00 14e0cb5
59 2018-07-25T16:21:09+00:00 bb51301
58 2018-07-25T16:14:59+00:00 9402934
57 2018-07-25T16:08:49+00:00 0b617e7
56 2018-07-25T16:02:05+00:00 aada10f
54 2018-07-25T15:59:18+00:00 2b632fe
53 2018-07-25T15:56:08+00:00 a6c9907
52 2018-07-25T15:54:29+00:00 066e171
51 2018-07-25T12:58:46+00:00 796c7b0
50 2018-07-24T17:15:28+00:00 66744ed
49 2018-07-24T17:12:52+00:00 66744ed
48 2018-07-23T19:09:29+00:00 66744ed
47 2018-07-23T15:12:22+00:00 66744ed
46 2018-07-23T13:58:53+00:00 66744ed